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Alison Shaw

Chicken racing with Tambo Teddy Bears

Head to Tambo for a school holiday Outback adventure!

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Are you heading to the Outback these school holidays? Well , Tambo is a must stop! We might be a tiny town, but we have plenty to see and do for all the family. There is FREE camping at Stubby Bend, you can set up camp on the banks of the mighty Barcoo, a great spot to have a camp fire, toast a few marshmallows, experience the bush, see the stars and breathe fresh, clean air. From Stubby Bend it is just a short walk into town or you could take the family for a stroll along the Coolibah Walk,…

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peter possum sheepskin tambo teddy puppet

Peter Possum – welcome to the Family

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Welcome to the family! Peter Possum is the newest member of the Tambo Teddy family. Tambo Possum is a Phalangeriformes,  part of the family of marsupials’ native to Australia. Possums are iconic Australian fauna, they are incredibly agile, with a prehensile tip to the tail which can grasp branches as if they have another hand. Possums are not at all aggressive, and if their territory is threatened they prick their ears and try to stare out any invader. Our Peter is a rather shy character, but once he gets to know you he is full of fun and surprises. Although…

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Alison Shaw one of the 100 faces of small business

100 faces of Queensland Small Business – Tambo Teddies

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Alison was fortunate to be selected as one of the 100 faces of small business- an initiative of the Queensland Government to highlight and support small businesses. Here’s our story…………. The town of Tambo has a proud tradition of producing sheepskin teddy bears loved across the globe. A new group of locals have continued the tradition by taking Tambo Teddies into the digital age. The small town of Tambo, located in the heart of Queensland, was hit hard when wool prices crashed while gripped by drought. The tight-knit community was challenged to create a solution and Tambo Teddies, unique teddy…

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Tambo Teddies Hero – Josie Smith

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Josie Smith is the longest serving employee at Tambo Teddies, she even outlasted the original owners.  Moving to Tambo in 1988 when the family purchased their property, Shady Downs, 61 km east of Tambo on the road to Alpha, Josie started with the business in 1993 sewing bears at home. When Josie began, the sewers undertook the whole process, they cut-out the skins and then sewed and stuffed the bears, things then changed, and a new process, where the sewers received the skins already cut out and just had to sew, was implemented. The very first Tambo Teddies had a…

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Tambo Teddies wool campaign, campaigned for the use of the Woolmark

Campaigning for Wool

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Since the beginning, Tambo Teddies have been created from the best Australian woollen sheepskins, they were even stuffed with wool in the early days. But despite being an Australian made, quality sheepskin product Tambo Teddies was denied the right to use the Australian Woolmark. The body responsible for the promotion of wool in the 1990s, the Australian Wool Research and Promotion (AWRAP) considered that the woolmark had a vital role in generating demand for quality woollen clothing and other products, and if the woolmark was extended to ‘certain other items’ it would risk devaluing the symbol. Yes, the ‘certain other…

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Caring for your new best friend

Caring for your Tambo Teddy

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Your Tambo Teddy is created from the softest Australian sheepskins we can find, and we want to make sure you know how best to care for your new bear friend. Sheepskin Tambo Teddy bears are made from wool and leather, a totally natural product that can’t be washed in a machine because the skin will pucker and shrink destroying the bear who will stiffen and lose shape. If your bear does require cleaning, we recommend the following: • Surface clean the woollen fleece using a wet cloth or sponge, don’t let the leather hide get wet as this would stiffen…

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Tambo Teddies – highlights from the early days

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We were recently sent some old media articles and information about the business by founder, Charm Ryrie and in the mix was an interesting list of Tambo Teddies highlights from February 1993 to March 1997 that we would like to share: Feb 1993:           The first bears were sold to the public at the Charleville Sheep and Wool Field Day. May 1993:          Tambo Teddies received an invitation to attend the Trade Fair in Japan. Sept 1993:         Tambo teddies appeared on the 7.30 Report. The first Teddy Bears Picnic,...
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Millie jsut loves huggin her Tambo Teddy Bear

Why love a Teddy Bear?

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Everyone should have a teddy bear! But why? It is reported that teddy bears are the perfect transitional object for a child that is facing a point of separation from their home and parents whether it be to attend daycare, preschool, school, or being baby sat. Moments of separation are known as transitions; and sit has apparently been proven that children who have a transitional object, such as a teddy bear, handle these moments easier than those without one. According to Elizabeth MacDonald in her blog on the everyday Family site, “The transitional object is meant to remind a baby…

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Twenty-Five Reasons to Love Tambo Teddy Bears

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Recently Outback Queensland Tourism Association wrote a lovely blog on us, ’25 Reasons to love Tambo Teddies’ to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary. This blog got us thinking and we decided we need to challenge ourselves to gather together 25 reasons to more love our bears. The first five are from the heart 1. Tambo Teddies are soft and cuddly. 2. Tambo Teddies are the best listeners – they never answer back. 3. Tambo Teddies love you beary, beary much. 4. When you get a Tambo Teddy and you have a friend for life. 5. You are never too old for…

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