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peter possum sheepskin tambo teddy puppet

Peter Possum – welcome to the Family

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Welcome to the family! Peter Possum is the newest member of the Tambo Teddy family. Tambo Possum is a Phalangeriformes,  part of the family of marsupials’ native to Australia. Possums are iconic Australian fauna, they are incredibly agile, with a prehensile tip to the tail which can grasp branches as if they have another hand. Possums are not at all aggressive, and if their territory is threatened they prick their ears and try to stare out any invader. Our Peter is a rather shy character, but once he gets to know you he is full of fun and surprises. Although…

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A Special Gift- A Special Teddy Bear

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This gorgeous honey coloured basil, Chatham Chester, was purchased by Maree and friends as a gift for their special friend and work colleague, Kelly, who is terminally ill. What a lovely gift! Teddy Bears are reminders of our innocent carefree childhoods and of the loved ones who purchased the bears for us. Cuddling teddy bears, ‘evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort. It’s human nature to crave these feelings from childhood to adult life’, according to psychologist, Corrine Sweet.  And it is well documented that considerable comfort is obtained from cuddling, naming and speaking to a teddy bear. Maree...
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Google Winners

Tambo Teddies are Regional Online Heroes

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Tambo Teddies are National Regional Online Heroes!   Tambo Teddies is the inaugural winner of Google and the Regional Australia Institute's Regional Online Heroes competition. Selected as one of ten finalists, Alison was flown to Sydney to attend a money-can't-buy growth masterclass at Google HQ.  The day began with a tour of the Google offices which are everything you read about with standing work stations, treadmills and gaming rooms, scooters to travel between buildings, pods for quiet time work and a kitchen never further than 30m away from  work spaces.  A fantastic array of chef prepared food options are available any time...
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teddy bear

A very royal Teddy Bear- Shady Downs Charlotte

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Shady Downs Charlotte is a very special Tambo Teddy Bear; a "Mrs Stockman" bear who was handcrafted especially as a gift for Princess Charlotte. Last year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were presented with a Stockman Basil bear called "Baneda Bob" on behalf of the people of Queensland. This year when the little Princess was born, we decided to send a Mrs Stockman as a friend for Prince George's Mr Stockman. Shady Downs Charlotte was the 39,500th bear made at Tambo Teddies and she is beautifully dressed up with a hat, and a moleskin skirt and a shirt, and a gorgeous...
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