Ben's Hens Tambo Teddies

Tambo Teddies Expands Its Flock

Tambo Teddies Expands Its Flock Tambo, a little Outback town known for its warm hospitality and unique attractions, has just become even more enticing thanks to a new partnership between two local attractions: Ben’s Chicken Racing and Tambo Teddies. Tambo Teddies, renowned for their handcrafted sheepskin teddy bears, has ventured into uncharted territory by introducing a vibrant

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Tambo Postage Stamp

Postmark Tambo Teddies

Tambo has a new Postmaster and Postmark. Changing hands in late November, Tambo’s local Post Office is getting a makeover. Purchased by the owner of the town’s Foodworks, Randall Ellison, one of the first things undertaken was an application for a Postmark that uniquely says ‘TAMBO’. Randall and his partner, Michael, asked Tammy and

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