Everyone needs a Tambo Teddy Bear to love and cuddle!

Some of Our Range

The best Australian Teddy Bears can be found at Tambo Teddies and delivered all over the world. We create a unique range of quality handcrafted Australian teddy bears and other products from natural woollen sheepskin.

Our Australian teddy bear is instantly recognisable; they are cute, cuddly, huggable and lovable.

  • Handcrafted

  • 100% Australian made

  • All natural woollen product

  • Unique and individual

  • Cute and cuddly

  • Shipped internationally

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Partington128 September 2020
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This is an amazing icon that everyone should get behind. Hand made in Australia the Teddies are beautiful and make both children and adults smile. They are individually named and recorded in a register and an absolute credit to the team at Tambo Teddies. We loved the visit and seeing an Australian made product surviving and succeeding in our world today. No more Holdens made in Australia but luckily for every little child in the world Tambo Teddies made in Australia can continue to make your dream. Thank you Tambo Teddies for keeping the Australian Made alive.
Louise V19 November 2020
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You cannot drive through Tambo without stopping in to see Tambo Teddies. I was only ever going to 'just having a look!' I was totally sucked in. One very cute Cheshire Charlie dressed up in his Dry-as-a-bone, Akubra and whip later, I had a travelling companion! I had quite a chat with the staff and found out all about the Teddies and how they are named. This is a wonderful local business. Do not drive passed without stopping in.
John S13 August 2018
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Tambo Teddies sits in the middle of a beautiful oasis in the tiny town of Tambo. The welcome was sensational, the Teddy Den warm and comforting. Truly fascinating to witness the ladies lovingly create such fabulous teddy personalities. We welcome into our home MacFarlane Downs MIA.
Poetripedla28 July 2018
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How could you not like Tambo Teddies? There is such a great selection in a small space.... we bought two. They will last the grandchildren many years - they are so well made. Worth visiting Tambo for the teddies!
Cathy MoranAugust 2020
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Our 9 week old grandson Leo loves his Basil Bear that we gave him🐻❤️👶🏼
Charlie ZarbSeptember 2020
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My daughter and granddaughter love their teddies, thank you so much.♥️♥️