Captain Charleville Moss heads to Birdsville

Captain Charleville Moss heads to Birdsville

Readers may remember the story of Tambo Teddies Bear #50,000, a major milestone bear who we donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in January 2020.  Of course, we all know what happened in March 2020, the dreaded COVID 19! And the RFDS plans for their Gala event where Captain Charleville Moss (as he was so beautifully named) were put on hold. In fact the RFDS haven’t held their Gala for three years ……..until Captain Charleville Moss took a trip to the 2023 Birdsville Races and was part of the Live Auction at the Birdsville Races Gala. Moss sold for $1,350 to the Brook family (Nell and David of Birdsville) and was part of the $11,000 raised.

The RFDS, affectionately known as the “Flying Doctors,” has been providing critical medical services to Australia’s remote communities since 1928. Operating in the most isolated and challenging terrains, they ensure that healthcare is accessible to everyone, no matter how far they live from the nearest hospital. The RFDS has become a symbol of hope and care for Outback communities, and the donation of Bear #50,000 is a testament to the strong bond between Tambo Teddies and this iconic institution.

In September 2023, Birdsville, another remote Outback town in Queensland, came alive with excitement and anticipation as it hosted an auction like no other. Captain Charleville Moss was put up for auction to raise funds for the RFDS. The event drew people from all over, including Nell and David Brooks, who had a special connection to the RFDS.

The Brooks family have a long association with the RFDS and have had experienced firsthand the invaluable services of the RFDS when urgent medical assistance has been needed at remote Birdsville properties.  When they heard about the auction, Nell and David knew they had to bid for this bear to not only own a unique piece of Australian history but also to give back to the organization that is integral to the Outback.

Tambo Teddies Bear #50,000 represents the resilience, community spirit, and generosity that defines the Outback and the people who call it home. Captain Charleville Moss has found a loving home with Nell and David Brooks and will forever be a symbol of hope, gratitude, and the unbreakable spirit of the Australian Outback.

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