A very royal Teddy Bear- Shady Downs Charlotte

Shady Downs Charlotte is a very special Tambo Teddy Bear; a “Mrs Stockman” bear who was handcrafted especially as a gift for Princess Charlotte.


Last year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were presented with a Stockman Basil bear called “Baneda Bob” on behalf of the people of Queensland. This year when the little Princess was born, we decided to send a Mrs Stockman as a friend for Prince George’s Mr Stockman.


Shady Downs Charlotte was the 39,500th bear made at Tambo Teddies and she is beautifully dressed up with a hat, and a moleskin skirt and a shirt, and a gorgeous little set of frilly knickers.


Unfortunately the Royal Family were unable to accept the gift and Shady Downs Charlotte returned from her adventure to Tambo. So at Tambo Teddies we put our heads together and decided the best thing for this special bear was to auction her and donate the proceeds to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.


Justin Taylor living in Abu Dabi heard about our auction and placed the winning bid; purchasing this gorgeous bear for his Mother, Yvonne, living in Rockhampton. Yvonne has Tambo ‘connections’, she lived and worked in the district before marrying and her brother still resides here.


We are happy our little princess, Shady Downs Charlotte, has gone to a loving home where we are sure she will be loved and treasured.