Flynn of the Outback – teddy bear adventures.

Tambo Ted, birth name Flynn of the Outback, was donated to the Outback Car Trek by Tambo Teddies a few years back, and bought at auction for $2,000 by Trekkers Kevin & Lyn Englefield in car 24/7.  

Ted has had a special seat in the front of Lyn’s car ever since, and has travelled around most of Australia seeing the sights.

But this year after the trek finished in Byron Bay this year, Ted developed a case of wanderlust, and snuck away from Lyn in the dark of night, deciding to travel and see the world outside of Australia.  After a gap year he’ll probably return home, meet a beautiful teddette, marry, mortgage, parenthood, etc. (as all good teddy bears do) 

BUT – at the moment he’s always looking for new challenges – just like any bright teddy bear would do.  At the moment he’s soaking up the rays in Honolulu.

What’s next? Cocktails on the beach, top of the Eiffel Tower sort of stuff, other exotic activities………….keep up to date with Ted’s adventures- Ted’s Facebook page