Another milestone for Tambo Teddies- teddy bear 40,000

Bear 40,0000!!!

Forty thousand bears have been made since Tambo Teddies began back in 1993 and that is only counting the Toby and Basil bear families. There have been countless Bickie Bears and numerous Koalas created at .little teddy bear factory on Arthur St, Tambo.


We decided Bear 40,000 needed to be a bit special to mark this significant milestone so a 2015 replica of the first Tambo Teddy created has been made. So we have been busy in our little teddy bear factory making this  cute teddy bear just like the original.


Former owner, Mary Sutherland made the first ever Tambo Teddy after much design deliberation and experimentation, he was a honey coloured Toby style with light suede ears and a dainty smiling mouth stitched on. The sheepskin used to create the first bear had a short staple so we used a similar length skin in a cream colour to create our teddy bear lookalike.


Naming her Truno Tricia, we decided she was too beautiful to share and are keeping her to display in the shop alongside the first Tambo Ted . But as we think these bears are too cute with their pretty little stitched on smiles and suede ears, we are going to create a limited edition run of first bear replicas. There will only be 50 of these available and they will be made in only from the softest a soft cream skins, have the cute suede ears and that pretty little smile.


Numbered consecutively these limited edition bears are 40,500 to 40,550 and are available for order now!