Tambo Teddy Bear Crossing

The Teddy Bear Crossing signs in Tambo are one of a kind!

Originally installed outside the old Tambo telegraph office which was the building where Tambo Teddies first began, it was necessary to have the signs shifted when the business out grew the little community premises and shifted into a larger building of their own. It took ten years of lobbying to have the signs shifted to outside no.17 Arthur St the signs where they identify the town’s teddy bear workshop.

Tambo Teddies finally gained ministerial and departmental support to secure relocation of the signage in 2009. Minister of the day, Craig Wallace was able to announce ‘Teddy Bears will be able to safely walk across the street in the town of Tambo, following the installation of new crossing signs outside The Tambo Teddies shop.’

After over twenty years the signs were looking a bit faded and jaded, the crew from Roadtek who were camped and working on roads around Tambo for two years undertaking flood damage repairs generously decided to replace them.

The Teddies Crossing signs are renewed and refreshed, they are an iconic novelty and a big drawcard for tourists stopping to take photos. You can’t see them anywhere else – it is only in Tambo where you need to take care and watch out for Teddies crossing!