Tambo Teddies – Queensland Digital Champions

Alison recently attended the Advance Queensland Community Champions round table in Brisbane where she was announced as a round two champion. Recognised for her work with Tambo Teddies and Council promoting digital marketing and technologies and their benefits for small business, Alison was honoured, excited and a bit embarrassed to be amongst such an exalted and capable crowd.


A passionate advocate for small businesses in regional Queensland, Alison facilitates workshops in digital marketing and social media to encourage local small businesses to become digitally savvy. She draws on her own experience with Tambo Teddies as a successful regional example of what can be done with digital technology to promote and run a business. Alison’s hands-on experience means she can share her successes and highlight pitfalls with some authority.


At Teddies we are very keen to maximise the use of digital media and see the whole world as our market place. We are keen to try new promotional channels and happy to share our ideas and experiences. We  consider  small businesses have to look outside their proximal locale and seek out new markets by developing innovative strategies to generate sales and access new customers. In today’s market access to the internet is imperative to make the most of the digital tools that are available.


Since we purchased the business we have jokingly claimed we are going ‘global’, and while we may laugh about our catch phrase we do believe our market place is ‘global’. We might not be totally global yet but we are on our way!