Celebrating Three Years at Tambo Teddies

This month we are celebrating a significant milestone since we purchased Tambo Teddies- we are celebrating our third birthday!


When we reflect on the past three years we are amazed at how much we have achieved; there have been a lot of challenges but also loads of fun. We have had a lot of laughs, wondered what we had taken on and experienced a few ‘what on earth are we doing?’ moments but overall we’ve enjoyed the adventure and are really proud of what we have delivered.


We have renovated the workshop, created a sophisticated online store, established our social media presence, won a national competition (with Google!), provided gifts for Royalty, Premiers and Ministers, and secured a range of great stockists for our products.


At times, we have had to temper our enthusiasm and pop a few projects on the back burner until we have time to deliver them properly. Time always seems to be a bit short, we have all been working fulltime and always have a lot happening in our personal lives.


Since March 2014, Tammy has been engaged, married and just over a year ago had the gorgeous little Millie who provides us with loads of giggles in store on Saturday mornings. Currently on leave from her teaching position, Tammy’s ‘spare time’ is spent playing in and organising the local band, helping her husband, Malcolm, with his business and spending time helping her family in Charleville.


2016 was a crazy, busy year for Kiralee, she got engaged in April, married in September and now we are all excitedly waiting for her baby to arrive.  Kiralee and Richie live 40kms out of Tambo on a cattle property and have been travelling regularly to St George where the family has another station. This year Kiralee has taken leave from teaching and spends her time helping out around the place, creating a garden and is hoping to find some time to get back into her artwork.


Alison has spent the last three years completing a Bachelor of Business in Marketing while working full time at Council, running the  art gallery, managing infrastructure projects and writing grant submissions. On the home front, she keeps tabs on her two daughters who are in their early twenties and enjoys spending time with her husband, Roderick, when he is home from work.


All of us are very invested in the Tambo Community and involved in many community organisations including Tambo Arts Council, Tambo Stock Show, Tambo Sports Club, Tambo Tourism and Business Assn, Tambo Heritage Group, Tambo Polocrosse to name a few!


Tambo is very important to us all and Tambo Teddies is very important to Tambo; we are proud to be the owners of this iconic business, but it is in safe hands and we are looking forward to more adventures in the next few years.