Australian Teddy Bear supports Little Legs Campaign

A true, blue Australian teddy bear, a Tambo Teddy no less, recently set off to England to support the Little Legs campaign.
Little Legs, is a fundraiser being driven by Kate and Michael Still, and the money raised will go to the Steps international charity that supports children in the third world with congenital Talipes Equivarous and the Camelia Botnar Children’s Orthopedic Centre over in England.

Kate and Michael have a compelling motivation to help……….
In October 2016, at our 20 week scan we found out that our little girl had a fetal abnormality – congenital Talipes Equivarous, otherwise known as club foot. Having gone into the scan with no expectation there would be anything wrong the news was shocking and frightening’.

We can only imagine how devastating and challenging this would be for expectant parents,

‘When our beautiful girl (Nancy) arrived we had 10 days before both her legs were put in plaster from the hipdown and 3 weeks later discovered she also has developmental dysplasia of the hip and the most extreme form of talipes. We now visit the children’s hospital once a week for casting and adjustment of her body brace and this will go on for another 6 months or so before she will need two operations and then at least 5 more years of treatment’

But rather than let this get them down, Kate and Michael are determined to help others by raising funds to help others less fortunate than themselves.

‘Most children who have it globally are in the third world who for them it is very life limiting.’

Michael, originally came from Tambo and lived at Narada when young, so when we heard about Kate’s fundraising project we had to support it! And Narada Nancy was quickly created and sent on her way to England, where she was well received……………

‘What an honour! The ladies of the World Famous Queensland Craft company “Tambo Teddies” have made us a gift fit for a Prince or Princess to Auction for our Little Legs campaign for club foot. This is Narada Nancy – named after the property that Mike grew up on. Tambo is the outback town of Nancy’s (baby) Nanny and Grandad and was chosen by the Australian Government to provide the official presents to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.’

You can help support the Little Legs campaign by donating to their Go-Fund-Me page and if you quote ‘Narada Nancy’ alongside your donation you could win this special Australian Teddy Bear.


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