Teddy Bears Facts…………..

We thought we would like to share a few cool facts about teddy bears with you and put a bit of teddy bear history in perspective.

There are many famous teddy bears and we are proud to include ourselves in this little teddy bear timeline.

  1. 1902
    Roosevelt leaves on November 12 for Mississippi for his 4 day bear hunt.
    Berryman’s ‘Drawing the Line in Mississippi’ cartoon published in The Washington Post on November 16.
    Morris Michtom and Steiff produce teddy bears.
  2. 1907 – American John W. Bratton composes the music for ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’.
  3. 1914-1918 – Teddy bear factories are used to make items for World War I.
  4. 1920 – Mary Tourtel’s Rupert Bear introduced in British newspaper in November.
  5. 1926 – AA Milne’s Winnie the Pooh is published in October
  6. 1930 – Jimmy Kennedy writes lyrics for ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’.
  7. 1940-1945 – Teddy bear factories are used to make items for World War II; some suffer bomb damage.
  8. 1944 – Smokey Bear is created for the US Forest Service to promote fire prevention campaigns.
  9. 1957 – Elvis sings ‘Teddy Bear’.
  10. 1958 – British author Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear first appears.
    – Yogi Bear debuts on Huckleberry Hound; has own show 3 years later.
  11. 1985 – Christie’s holds first teddy bears only sale.
    – Good Bears of the World name this the International Year of the Teddy Bear.
  12. 1986 – First teddy bear museum opens in Berlin.
  13. 1993 – Tambo Teddies + is started by three women, Charm Ryrie, Mary Sutherland and Helen Sargood.
  14. 1994 – A record $158,000 is paid for a 1905 Steiff bear at a London auction.
  15. 1998 – US Postal Service issues a teddy bear stamp for its Celebrate the Century program.
  16. 2002 -100th anniversary of the teddy bear.
    – US Postal Service issues 4 stamps of teddy bears by American companies.
    – Guinness World Records reports the smallest handmade teddy bear is 9 mm long.
  17. 2014 – Tammy, Kiralee & Alison purchased the iconic Tambo Teddies.