Tambo Teddy Bears Picnic

On September 16th, 2017 teddy bears and teddy bear enthusiasts descended on Tambo to enjoy all the fun at the Tambo Teddy Bears Picnic. An annual event since 2011, the picnic is transitioning to a biennial activity with the next event being planned for 2019.
A community affair, the picnic is held on the lawn at the Tambo Shire Hall and around 300 people from the neighbouring towns of Blackall, Charleville, Alpha and Augathella attended. It is a family fun day filled with rides, games and activities, where everyone is welcome along with their teddy bears.
Presented by the Tambo Tourism and Business Assn Inc. this year the group arranged to have a series of teddy bear murals decorate the town. Originally only three murals, on Tambo Teddies, Elders and the Butcher’s Shop, were planned but once they were done everyone wanted one and seven murals were created all together. The talented Hoozat Entertainer; Rob, Deb, Asher & Chez Bowen-Saunders pitched in to paint the murals in only five days.
On the day of the picnic, Hoozat provided free entertainment for the children (and adults) to enjoy throughout the day, the highlight being the ‘Alice in Teddy Bear Wonderland’ show which was followed by the teddy bear parade. This year’s parade was the biggest ever with teddy bears of all shapes and sizes dressed up as fairies and super heroes. The artists had worked at the school in the week preceding the event, teaching hip hop and acrobatics, culminating in a flash mob at the picnic.
A favourite activity is the teddy bear catapult, where bears and stuffed toys of all shapes and sizes are sent flying. It didn’t matter where or how the bear was placed on the contraption, our very own Tambo Teddies were the winners each time flying the furthest.
Local celebrity, Big Ted, visited and took a ride in the helicopter to shower the grounds with a lolly drop – always a favourite with the crowd. As evening came the crowd thinned and mellowed as families relaxed on the lawn listening to the local band.