And then there were two – a farewell from Kiralee

Tambo Teddies – It has been a privilege

What a wonderful journey Tambo Teddies has taken me on.  I remember back to the first 6 months, completing a day of teaching and then heading down to the Tambo Teddies workshop for a few more hours each afternoon – busy, busy, busy.  The running joke was to ‘Go Global’ (which seems more like a reality these days).  There were so many ideas we wanted to put into place, the struggle was focusing on just one at a time.  

I guess I imagined after 3 years that the ideas and inspiration for growth would have slowed down and found a steadier gear to travel in, but it seems ‘Going Global’ means full steam ahead.  The decision to finish up the Tambo Teddies chapter in my life is so that I can spend more time enjoying the joy and new journey of family life and helping Richie where I can with the property work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three and a half years at Tambo Teddies.  It has had its challenges, long days and sourcing staff in a small town have been amongst these, however working with a range committed staff and two wonderful and energetic friends as business partners, Alison and Tammy, has made the journey an enjoyable one – a big thank you to you two amazing women.

During my three and a half years in Tambo Teddies I have enjoyed learning about small business and have enjoyed the creative opportunities that come with a hand-made cottage business.  

Working with such a quality product, which continues to be an icon of Tambo, and helping to carry on a legacy started by three inspiring women, Charm, Mary and Helen, has been a privilege. 

Thank you to my supportive family and friends and all supporters of our small handcrafted Tambo Teddies Business. 

My family will continue to be strong supporters of Tambo Teddies and our little Megan is sure to pop up in many photo shoots to come.  I wish Tammy and Alison all the very best in their business ventures as they continue to cherish and grow Tambo Teddies!

Kiralee Sanderson