A Special Gift- A Special Teddy Bear

This gorgeous honey coloured basil, Chatham Chester, was purchased by Maree and friends as a gift for their special friend and work colleague, Kelly, who is terminally ill. What a lovely gift!

Teddy Bears are reminders of our innocent carefree childhoods and of the loved ones who purchased the bears for us. Cuddling teddy bears, ‘evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort. It’s human nature to crave these feelings from childhood to adult life’, according to psychologist, Corrine Sweet.  And it is well documented that considerable comfort is obtained from cuddling, naming and speaking to a teddy bear.

Maree did a trip out to Longreach a couple of years ago and spent a wonderful couple of days in Tambo (in the pouring rain!…….. what is that???).  Maree visited the Tambo Teddy workshop and bought herself a bear, a lovely honey basil with a green ribbon with white spots.

Recently, the group of friends from their school office in Oakey had a girl’s getaway at Caloundra. Unfortunately Kelly was too unwell to join them, so they took Maree’s Tambo Teddy in her place. Koochie bear had many adventures and got up to all sorts of mischief. They took many photos of Koochie at the beach, which is now being collated into a photo book to give to Kelly. 

Realising that teddy bears are special friends, Maree and her colleagues decided Kelly not only needed a book of bear’s adventures,  but her very own teddy bear.  So, a small honey basil with a green ribbon with white spots was ordered for Kelly.

This little teddy bear is filled with love from her friends.