Twenty-Five Reasons to Love Tambo Teddy Bears

Recently Outback Queensland Tourism Association wrote a lovely blog on us, ’25 Reasons to love Tambo Teddies’ to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary. This blog got us thinking and we decided we need to challenge ourselves to gather together 25 reasons to more love our bears.

The first five are from the heart

1. Tambo Teddies are soft and cuddly.
2. Tambo Teddies are the best listeners – they never answer back.
3. Tambo Teddies love you beary, beary much.
4. When you get a Tambo Teddy and you have a friend for life.
5. You are never too old for a Tambo Teddy

Practically speaking…… five more reasons

6. We buy our skins already dyed and each batch can differ in colour slightly as they are a natural product.
7. In the beginning Tambo Teddies were stuffed with wool, but that soon became too expensive and too hard to secure- we are now using a sustainable re-cycled plastic material to stuff our bears.
8. Every seam is sewn twice, stitched on a machine called a cup seam over locker.
9. When Tambo Teddies began, the first bears sewn were actually hand sewn, but this was just too hard and too slow. We love that they persevered and worked out a way to create these gorgeous bears.
10. Tambo Teddies aren’t hard to clean – you just need to sponge wash them with an approved wool wash.

Five pointers about our products and our store…………..

11. Tambo Teddies Adventures tell stories of the Outback through the eyes of Basil and Toby, Mr & Mrs Stockman and our Little Aussie Ringer.
12. Our echidnas are soft and cuddly not at all spiky like their namesakes.
13. Our Bickie Bears have been referred to as road kill.
14. Tambo Teddies store is open from 9am-5pm, six days a week, but our online store is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
15. You don’t have to feed Tambo Teddies – they’re stuffed already! (stuffed with love)

And a bit about our friends………

16. One of the most famous and loved bears of all times, Paddington Bear made his appearance in 1958. The first Paddington story, A Bear Called Paddington, by Michael Bond was published this year. We have created Paddington look alikes, dressing large honey coloured Basils in duffel coats and floppy hats.
17. Tambo Teddies are Winnie-the- Pooh fans – we regularly take heed of Winnie’s inspirational quotes.
18. Tambo Teddies are very well travelled….. we send them all over the world, from England to Germany, Sweden to the USA.

And our customers…………..

19. Many of our customers are now buying Tambo Teddies for the next generation of their family.
20. Our customers don’t actually choose their teddy bear, Tambo Teddy Bears choose the home they want to go to live in.

Okay going well – five quick funnies to finish off ……

21. What do you do with a green teddy bear?
Wait until he’s ripe .
22. What’s the difference between a teddy bear and an apple?
Teddy bears don’t grow on trees
23. What do teddy bears do when it rains?
They get wet
24. What do you call a teddy bear who’s lost his fur?
25. How do you make a teddy bear?
       Take off his clothes

You can read another 25 reasons to love Tambo Teddies here on Outback Queensland’s website.