Why love a Teddy Bear?

Everyone should have a teddy bear! But why?

It is reported that teddy bears are the perfect transitional object for a child that is facing a point of separation from their home and parents whether it be to attend daycare, preschool, school, or being baby sat. Moments of separation are known as transitions; and sit has apparently been proven that children who have a transitional object, such as a teddy bear, handle these moments easier than those without one.

According to Elizabeth MacDonald in her blog on the everyday Family site, “The transitional object is meant to remind a baby of her mother. Throughout infancy, a mother holds and cares for her child, feeds and rocks her baby, as her child is holding this teddy bear or soft item. The baby will cuddle it and begin to associate it with her mother. The bear will become a part of the relationship between the mother and child. It will become the comfort needed when the mother is not present.’

Mmmmmmm interesting thoughts, not 100% sure that I want my child to be reminded of me by looking into a teddy bear’s face, but there is certainly something in this transitional object concept.

Elizabeth qualifies her statements, “Researchers found that children treasured their transitional objects as much as they treasured their mothers. When you get over the shock of that statement, you can understand that a child needs security; she needs to feel safe. This does not mean that a child does not feel a mother’s love. It does mean, though, that an infant or toddler needs something that is ‘hers’ when he is away from her mother.”

Okay, fair enough, that is starting to make sense.

Everyone loves a hug, man, woman, child, senior citizen, human, animal, all of us love a hug. Teddy Bears are soft, cuddly and designed to be light enough to be carried, yet big enough to give a good hug. A stuffed teddy bear, a Tambo Teddy Bear with their soft wool, sweet face, and cuddly demeanour make them the perfect transitional object for your baby.