Tambo Teddies – highlights from the early days

We were recently sent some old media articles and information about the business by founder, Charm Ryrie and in the mix was an interesting list of Tambo Teddies highlights from February 1993 to March 1997 that we would like to share:

Feb 1993:           The first bears were sold to the public at the Charleville Sheep and Wool Field Day.

May 1993:          Tambo Teddies received an invitation to attend the Trade Fair in Japan.

Sept 1993:         Tambo teddies appeared on the 7.30 Report.

The first Teddy Bears Picnic, the Ulysses Bike Club visited and purchased Teddies for the Children’s Hospital in Brisbane

Nov 1993:           Tambo Teddies attended the Trade Fair in Japan.

Apr 1994:            Teddies attended the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Aug 1994:           Teddies attended the Brisbane Ekka.

Feb 1995:            Teddies attended the Hobby & Craft Show in Toowoomba.

May 1995:          Teddies attended the State Sheep Show in Toowoomba.

July 1995:           Tambo Teddies appeared on ‘Landline’.

Aug 1995:           Teddies attended the Dubbo Merino Ram Show and Sale.

Sept 1995:          Teddies attended the Merino Stud Breeders Field Day in Young.

Sept 1995:           Tambo Teddies appeared in New Idea.

Mar 1996:           Tambo Teddies Koala joined the range.

Jun 1996:            Teddies attended the Premier Bear Affair in the Sydney Town Hall, received a Highly                                     Commended.

Aug 1996:            Bears visited the Adelaide Royal Show.

Nov 1996:           Attended ‘Bear Affair’ on the Gold Coast. Won Best Dressed Bear’.

Dec 1996:           Bear number 10,000 was created and donated to the Queensland Cancer Fund.

Other notable achievements in those early days included the Premier’s Gift Department requesting bears as gifts for visiting dignitaries, the Olympic Games 2000 requested information on Tambo Teddies, and two bears were auctioned at Sanctuary Cove and in Mt Isa raising $1000 and $750 respectively.

And these are just the highlights, the team were kept very busy in those early days attending fairs, shows and festivals across the country spreading the word about our gorgeous Tambo Teddies and literally putting Tambo on the map!