Pet Rocks for Teddy Bears

A couple of cutely painted pet rocks mysteriously appeared on our teddy bear seat out from of the shop.

We were quite amused and had no idea where they had come from, a little bit of research uncovered that we were now part of a new global craze!

This craze has kids all over the world getting outdoors to play hide and seek with hand-painted pet rocks.

It has been praised as a cheap and easy way to get kids away from technology and outside.

The hidden rocks are typically small, flat garden stones with a simple picture or a nice message painted on either side.

Our rocks are a cute little white cat painted on black and a rainbow rock.

The  pet rocks are hidden in parks, with photos posted on a Facebook page so other parents can take their children to find the rocks, then re-hide them somewhere else.

The trend started in America and has spread to many different countries, including Australia.

But parents are the ones addicted to smart phones and tablets as they share their kids’ creations online,  posting clues on social media about where rocks are hidden, as well as tips for newcomers to the game.

The WA Rocks Facebook page has attracted about 12,000 members, the QLD Rocks page has over 8500.

We will be watching our little rocks with interest to see if they leave us or are joined by others, and we will be watching social media closely, waiting to see where they might pop up.

What great family fun can be had with this latest craze, why not join in with your kids?

You can read more about this phenomenon here.