Baby Austin’s Battle

Baby Austin was born in March, 2018 into a loving family with Mum, Amy and Dad, Andrew by his side, he was adored by his brother and sister, Archie and Abby.
Austin was reaching all his goals and milestones, then he started getting a bit of reflux and this little baby started playing havoc for mum. Amy thought things were a little strange when he went off his food and started getting a temperature!
Up to the hospital she went where they monitored him for the night but with no answers, they referred him to see a paediatrician when they got home the next day for further checks and tests.
And life soon changed for the whole family, Baby Austin was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL-B cell). Austin and his family will now be calling the Lady Cilento hospital, home for the next 12-24 months.
Friends have gathered round to support and help them out, they are holding a range of fundraising events and activities to raise monies so the family have one less thing to worry about.
Good friend, Nathan Moody thought a Tambo Teddy would be just the right snuggly gift for Austin to have as a friend through the longest of nights in hospital and something to be cherished in the future years as a symbol of his battle.
And we couldn’t agree more……and it looks like Austin thinks so too! Baby Austin is such a cutie, Tambo Teddies Staff could resist sending him a sheepie to snuggle into as well…….Austin certainly suits blue 🙂

You can help out too………….by donating to Austin’s Go-Fund-Me HERE.
Baby Austin a very happy baby