Five Years at Teddies

It’s amazing to think we have owned this little business for FIVE years.
It just seems like yesterday we were wondering what we had done !

The years may have flown past but they have been action packed and we have achieved so much.
We decided to reflect on our five favourite things about Tambo Teddies to give a little insight into how the business works:

Tammy’s Five:
1. Being part of the Tambo community – putting back into the community by supporting different organisations, clubs and committees with donations and sponsorship. We enjoy providing employment in town as well as an experience for travellers.

2. The challenge of being in business – Developing systems and processes, implementing and learning about new technologies. I love the overall organisation and operation of the business.

3. I love the Tambo Teddy – the use of the natural fibre of the wool really sets us apart from other teddies on the market. I love that our teddies are made with love in every cuddle.

4. Happy Customers – seeing the joy customers get when experiencing Tambo Teddies and getting positive feedback.

5. I love working with Al – she is very motivated and focused and just gets things done! Al keeps me on my toes and keeps the business moving forward.

Alison’s Five:
1. Working with wool – when I worked as a Woolclasser I used to put my face into the fleeces to check the softness of the fibre. I still find myself doing this with our skins and bears, I pick up the skin and rub it on my check to determine if it passes my ‘softness test’.

2. Making news – I love creating news and attracting attention to our business and our bears. All the stories we create keep Tambo Teddies topical and keep our bears heading out to find new homes.

3. The challenges – meeting the challenges of this business is very rewarding. We really tackle issues head-on and find solutions. If we ever get to a point where we aren’t driving ourselves forward I think it will be time to sell!

4. Selling bears – I get a thrill whenever we sell a bear and someone takes it home or sends it off as a gift. Sales never cease to excite me. I really love online sales as this is where we want to grow and expand the business, so to me online sales represent success.

5. Working with Tammy – Tammy and I have a great working relationship. Everything is thoroughly discussed and we are a great sounding board for each other. We are at different stages of life and this only strengthens our partnership.

Well, that’s our current five things – it will be great to reflect again in another five years, see where we are, determine if we have met our goals (hopefully surpassed them!) and work out where we are planning to head next.

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