Ten Things We Love about Tambo

Tambo is the home of our beautiful Tambo Teddies and is quite well known as the Outback Teddy Bear Capital. Even though its a small town, only having a population of around 400 people, there is plenty to love about Tambo.

Here are the top ten things we love about our town:

1. Tambo is the oldest town in the west. That statement may sound like it comes straight out of a cowboy and western movie, but its true! The town celebrated its 150th birthday with massive week long party back in June 2013.

2. Tambo is a friendly town. Tambo has been a winner of the friendliest town award more than once, and you just need to walk down the street to experience it, everyone smiles, says ‘hello’ and is only too happy to help you out.

3. Tambo is a pretty town. Visitors to Tambo always remark how pretty the town is, we are very fortunate to have access to a plentiful supply of good water for our gardens which gives the town a lush, green appearance. The town’s main streetscape is also appealing, the street is very tidy and the business houses just ooze local pride.

4. Tambo’s Dam. On the southern end of town, Tambo has the most beautiful water feature, a large dam amongst beautifully landscaped grounds. A great spot to pull up for a picnic, it is well utilised by the locals as well for exercise and recreational purposes.

5. There is never a dull moment in Tambo. Don’t make the mistake of thinking there is nothing happening because its a small town, the community make sure there is always something happening. Whether its a game of tennis, a chat at the pub or a large show or races event, there is action every weekend.

6. Tambo’s unique history. Did you know Tambo is the site of the only ever Qantas crash? Did you know the first ever brain surgery occurred at Tambo’s hospital? Did you know Tambo’s Race Club is the oldest in the west and possibly the second oldest in Queensland?

7. Tambo is the centre of Queensland – sort of! Tambo is located at the headwaters of five different river systems, literally the ‘roof top of Queensland’. Rain falling in Tambo flows in five different directions quenching the thirst of surrounding regions.

8. Tambo is just a day’s drive to…..Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Mackay, Gladstone, Brisbane and Mt Isa. Living in the Outback we get used to road trips, and Tambo is quite nicely situated, we only need to travel between 750 and 950 kilometres to get to the big smoke.

9. The lifestyle. Tambo is a small, laid back town, where our kids can roam the streets and someone is always looking out for them. Safe and friendly, the community spirit is strong, it’s a great place to live.

10. Tambo Teddies – our beautiful, soft and cuddly characters have to be the thing we love best about Tambo. Twenty-six years of teddy bears has literally put the town on the map and made Tambo famous!