We Love Our Customers

Our customers love Tambo teddy bears and at Tambo Teddies we love our customers.
We love our customers so much we have developed a loyalty program. The program began in April 2019. We have wanted to get it going for a while, but it took a bit to get it set up and working through our point of sale system. However, now it is set-up points are accruing every time you purchase a teddy bear or any other product.

Working on a points system, customers gain 1 ‘point’ for every dollar they spend. And as the points build the rewards happen, the more points accumulated the bigger the reward.
Silver – 1000 points gets a 5% discount
Gold – 2000 points gets a 10% discount
VIP – 3000 points gets a 15% discount
Platinum – 4000 points gets a 20% discount.

We regularly get customers calling in telling us how many bears they have purchased over the years. While we can’t go back and reward all these loyal followers, we can start building a picture of customers purchases from now on thanks to our digital recording system.
We have sold over 47,000 over the past twenty-six years and most of these bears have been registered by hand in old exercise books. One day we would early love to get these records digitised but the task is hideously time consuming and labour intensive. But until that becomes possible, we are moving forward with our digital recording system through our POS. Now our loyalty program is activated we will be able to keep track of your purchases, not just the bears but all products. Through our loyalty program we will be able to reward our lovely customers as their cache of points builds.

As more Tambo Teddies join your family you will be rewarded, happy shopping!
You can order your next Tambo Teddy family member HERE.