Rehoming Matilda to the Mt Isa Maternity Ward

Rehoming Matilda

Matilda has gone to live at the Maternity ward at the Mount Isa Hospital.

Nominated by Alvenia for a cause close to her heart she wrote, ‘Sometimes mums don’t get to take their babies home, Matilda could be a comfort bear for those special mums who are dealing with loss, no matter what stage their babies are taken from them’.

Matilda knows what it is like to lose her family and need a new home. So, Matilda is now living on the ward and the lovely staff at Maternity are caring for her and allowing her to ease the pain of the special mums who need her.
Alvenia wrote, ‘I lost my own babies at four months gestation, just after Matilda was created, if I had had someone like Matilda to hold onto at the time it may have been more ‘bearable”. The staff were amazing but that special someone like Matilda would have made a difference because you know that they are constant and non-judgemental.’

While there were many lovely and worthwhile entries, we found these words very moving and decided this was the stand-out for Matilda’s new home. We loved that Alvenia showed great understanding of what a teddy bear can mean, and that Matilda is staying in the Outback.

Alvenia handed Matilda over to the Maternity Ward Staff, she was received by Andrea (Midwifery/Nursing Unit Manager and Anne (Midwife). They all held Matilda, reporting she is extremely huggable and felt very comforting, with Anne taking charge of her until she is needed on the ward.

Matilda is a very special bear, one of only 100 millennial bears created by the Teddies Team. In case you are wondering how Matilda happened to need a new home, you can read a bit more about where her journey started here.