Where to buy the best Teddy Bears.

Where can you buy the best Teddy Bears?

And by the best Teddy Bears we mean Tambo Teddies of course!

Tambo Teddies do make the best baby pressies when a new little one arrives. Our bears are also just great gifts for all ages as nothing really says ‘I love you’ as much as a Teddy Bear.

But we do realise that not everyone can make the trip to Tambo each year every time they need a new Tambo Ted. So if you can’t make the journey you can always buy our beautiful bears from our online shop. Our complete range is available and if you have any queries you can just flick us an email or message on Facebook and we are happy to assist. Of course, during shop hours (9-5) you can just pick up the phone and ring us, our lovely Teddies Ladies are always happy to help. We take the utmost care in selecting a bear to send off to you.

Purchasing a teddy bear can be a very personal activity and experience. People come into the store, pick up a bear and say ‘he just spoke to me’. It is a joy to watch people purchase their teddy bears, so often it is the first bear they pick up they purchase. Even after checking out the entire range, they are drawn back to the first bear that catches their eye.

We do understand that sometimes you just want to hold, cuddle and connect with your teddy bear before buying rather than buying online. A bit like making sure a dress fits before buying. So we do have a group of external stockists for our teddy bears and are always looking for more.

Our stockists are located across Queensland and there are a few in New South Wales and Victoria. They all stock Tambo Teddy Bears because they too love our products, and we encourage customers to support them. You can check out our list on our stockists page on the website – there may be a teddy bear just down the road waiting to head home with you!

Wherever you choose to buy your Tambo Teddy from there is one thing that is for sure – EVRYONE NEEDS A TAMBO TEDDY!