We are just loving the inspirational #buyfromthebush campaign!

Started by Grace Brennan from Warren in New South Wales, #buyfromthebush aims to bring attention to small businesses in drought stricken regions who are doing it tough.  The campaign is encouraging our city friends to support their country counterparts this Christmas.

Small business is often hailed as the back bone of the economy; employing over 7 million people and contributing 57% of Australia’s GDP.  The current drought  extends throughout western Queensland and most of New South Wales. Businesses in the towns are really feeling it, sales are right down because there money is just not there in the community.

#buyfromthebush is a fantastic initiative which is growing at an amazing rate. Over 55,000 followers in only a couple of weeks and the best thing is the followers are from across the country.

And the message is clear – buy from the bush and help our rural communities. A small way to invest in their future and help #stuffthedrought

You can join the movement and follow on either Facebook or Instagram.  Checkout the  beautiful things made and sold in the bush and start your Christmas shopping. An amazing range of  stylish products are being featured on the page. Gorgeous stores  with a shop front and online presence along with smaller craft based  home businesses. There is something for everyone and the promotion is definitely making Christmas shopping easier. We can’t wait to see what will be featured each day.

At Tambo Teddies we hope to be included in this campaign. We began in a time when our  community  was doing it tough due to drought and Tambo finds itself in the same situation again. Our region has been drought declared since 2013, we have limped along on very little rain each season.

But you don’t have to visit, you can always purchase online at Tambo Teddies.

Leading up to Christmas, we urge you to think remotely when you shop and #buyfromthebush.