2020 – Twenty Twenty at Tambo Teddies

Heading into the year 2020, we had a quick reflection on the number twenty. Twenty is such a lovely even number; twenty is the product of two and ten, it is ten less than thirty, it is a two and a zero.

And this year we get to enjoy two twenties, bring on twenty twenty!

Here’s our twenty favourites all ready for 2020:

  1. Number one has to be a small honey Basil bear. This traditionally coloured bear is the most popular member of the Tambo Teddy Family.
  2. Tambo Teddies Koalas, with their chubby bodies and fluffy ears are cuteness overload. We make a little donation from every koala we sell to the Australian Koala Foundation. Every purchase helps to save a koala!
  3. Needing a little piece of the Outback? Our Mr Stockman is your bear, dressed in a Bear-as-a-Bone, leather hat, checked shirt, moleskin pants and plaited leather belt. True Blue Stockman Basil also carries his swag and leather stock whip.
  4. Mrs Stockman is just as smartly dressed, turned out in a leather hat, country-style collared shirt and matching knickers, moleskin skirt and plaited leather belt.
  5. A go-to for a baby gift has to be the Tambo Teddy Bickie Bear. Soft and lush, Bickie bears are flat in formation and very, very cuddly.
  6. Looking for some fun? Our patchwork Tobies are the go, created in a wide range of multi coloured patch work options, every bear is an individual.
  7. Our Toby Teddy Softie is the softest, cuddliest teddy bear you can ever own. Made from the softest Australian sheepskin, these gorgeous bears are lightly stuffed, pliable and easily mould to fit into your arms for a snuggle.
  8. There is nothing more adorable or feminine than a Tambo Teddy in a tutu. Available in a range of colours, pink, purple and blue, you can dress you favourite bear in a whorl of prettiness.
  9. One of our favourite characters is our Little Aussie Ringer. Little Aussie, as we call him, is a small ‘Basil’ Teddy, all dressed up and ready for a hard day’s work on an outback station. He is a unique Australian product that makes the perfect gift.
  10. Looking for a little more style? Our Basil bears with suede paws just might fit the bill.
  11. And did you know our Basil Bear comes in a wide range of fun, bright colours? You can choose from purple, plum, lime green, frog green, red, orange, pink, lemon or blue.
  12. Looking for something very Aussie to send overseas? Tambo Teddy Koala Bickies are flat and lightweight, easy to post and they don’t take up much room in your suitcase.
  13. Peter the Possum puppet is the newest member of the Tambo Teddy family. Our Peter is a rather shy character, but once he gets to know you he is full of fun and surprises.
  14. Not at all spiky, Tambo Teddy Echidnas are a cute and cuddly handmade Aussie souvenir.
  15. Love wool? Our deluxe, soft sheep skin rugs for babies. In blue, pink, lemon or cream they are a great baby gift.
  16. Sheepskins are a natural product , the dense resilient and springy wool fibres provide total support and comfort for the body. Tambo Teddies Sheepskins are ideal for the elderly or anyone who is confined to bed for a long period.
  17. Travel in comfort with a set of  Tambo Teddy sheepskin seat belt covers.
  18. And we make stubby coolers too. Wool is a great insulator and will keep a ‘coldie’ cold.
  19. Set in the heart of the outback, our Tambo Teddies Adventures books explore different aspects of country living through the eyes of Basil, Toby, and the Stockman family. These colourful short stories are available singly or as a set of four.
  20. Last but not least on our twenty, twenty list are our Tambo Teddy slippers. Did you know we make slippers? Perhaps it might be a good time to slip in an order for a pair and be ready for winter.

Of course, that’s not all the products we make and sell, have a browse on our website or better still why not make 2020 the year you come and visit!