If Teddy Bears Could Talk

We stumbled across this poem on a site, Power Poetry. The world’s first and largest mobile poetry community for youth. It is a one-of-a-kind place where youth can be heard.

This beautiful poem was penned by a poet identified as NIFAH357.  The poet says, ‘I love hello kitty, the colour blue, I’m outspoken, I love writing (all genres), and I’m a Muslim.’ We suspect she might just love hre teddy bear too!

If teddy bears could talk
My teddy could tell you a story or two
He knows more about me than anyone
else in this world
He knows that I hug him tight when I go to sleep
to feel secure because of my fears
He knows the things I enjoyed but
regret at the same time
He knows that I don’t cry unless I am alone in my room
because I think tears are a sign of weakness
He knows that I feel not so pretty and
wish I looked different
He knows that I miss my old best friend
but I have too much pride to take that first step
He could tell you that I am afraid to like
the one guy who wants me
because I think he’s a liar and doesn’t really think I’m pretty
He could tell you that I’m only mean
because of my own insecurities
He could tell you that I laugh when I’m hurt
so no one knows the truth
He could tell you that I like guys who
I know I have no chance with
He knows that I don’t dress up
because I see no point
He knows that I do my best in school
because its the only place I feel special
He knows that I like my religion
but I don’t like being forced into it
He knows I feel bad about not practicing
He understands me when
I am not in a good mood
He understands when
I don’t know why I act certain ways
He understands that I don’t like to be around
lots of people who are smaller than me
He understands when I feel
like an outsider
Teddy knows everything & sometimes
I think he’s the only one who cares
If only Teddy could talk
he could tell me that I would be ok.