Lost but Found

This is a story of a Tambo Teddy who got lost and then found, but was still really lost.

Tambo Teddy Basil Bear number 16,128 was out for a day’s adventure. A picnic in park, a road side rest area, a place to stop and stretch his legs. Named Tambo Station Teddles, this wickedly gorgeous bear must have stretched his legs a bit much. Wandered too far away from his family and got left behind!

Now we don’t know how long Teddles spent in this wilderness but we can imagine how scared and lonely he was. But he had a stroke of luck, Nerida Cassell was travelling past and came to the rescue. Teddles was found near a small town in New South Wales called Lucknow at a picnic table beside the Mitchell Highway at the turn-off to Millthorpe.

Fancy being rescued at Lucknow! Teddies’ luck was really in the now (bad pun)! But Teddles’ luck didn’t run out there, Nerida contacted Tambo Teddies to help find his family. We consulted the aging records books as this bear was made nearly twenty years ago. We discovered his name was Tambo Station Teddles and he was originally purchased by a K. Taylor from Brisbane. Unfortunately there is no more information available and we don’t know how he came to end up need to Lucknow.

We posted his photo on our Facebook page and the post was shared widely. Reaching over 285,274 people, had 27,224 engagements and was shared 3,200 times. Even with such an amazingly wide reach we haven’t found Teddles real home.

But Teddles is still lucky, Nerida has taken him home and is taking good care of him. We still hope his owner, who may or may not be K. Taylor, will turn up. We will aim to keep you posted and are hoping for some good news for little Teddles so he won’t be lost any more.