Creating a Tambo Teddy Community

At Tambo Teddies we don’t just create teddy bears, we create a community. A Tambo Teddy Community where owners of Tambo Teddies have a unique shared interest.

A community is  group of people having a particular characteristic in common, people who have certain attitudes and interests in common. For our Community, the factor that links us all together is of course our Tambo Teddy Bears.

It never ceases to surprise us when we travel across Queensland how many people we run into who have a connection to Tambo and Tambo Teddies. So many people are proud to share their story of their Teddy Bear. Whether they have bought bears for grandchildren or have bought a bear for themselves. So many bears are now being bought for the second or third generation of the Community.

We love it when members of the community bring their bears back for  a visit. And we get sent lots of photos of happy babies with their new teddy bears. Each bear has an individual story which we love to share through our social media channels, Facebook and Instagram. But the common factor that forms the community is the Tambo Teddy Bear.

Some followers even scour the second hand stores to make sure no Tambo Teddy is lost to the community. Our register of bear numbers means we can search for information on the bears, who bought bought and where they went to live. We have been able to send many bears a new name tag sent to replace the lost original.

Of course our Community is made of lovely caring people. We receive such lovely messages when Tammy has had a baby (or two). And everyone was so caring recently when Alison was ill, there were offers of assistance and gift snack packs left in store! The support we receive when we tackle something new for the business is overwhelming.

Make sure you follow us on social media and stay in the fold of our loving Tambo Teddy Community.