Buy Aussie Now

Buy Aussie Now.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 hot on the heels of a catastrophic bushfire season and devastating floods has bought about a resurgence of support for Aussie made products. A wave of nationalism has flooded over the country. Shoppers are becoming very discerning of the provenance of their purchases.

Small businesses are doing it tough. But Aussie businesses produce top quality products. Price is not the only factor to consider when purchasing, where your purchase comes from is starting to take the lead. Goods made in Australia support local jobs and local communities, and every Aussie product has a great story under pinning it.

At Tambo Teddies we have always known Aussie products are the best! Our bears are lovingly handmade in Tambo and Toowoomba, top quality products. Our little business has grown over the past couple of years and at the moment we employ fourteen people. Purchasing a Tambo Teddy helps support us, our staff and our community.

There are new platforms popping up every day and we have chosen to be a part of a few. We are proud to be Australian Made licensees and display the Australian made logo.  The readily recognized green and gold kangaroo. We are seeing more and more ‘Aussie’ aisles and sections popping up in stores and online.

Buy Aussie Now  is a new channel we have joined. A new marketplace for Aussie-made and owned businesses and a destination to shop Australian.  This new initiative will launch on October 1 and we are hoping it will amplify our marketing and help more people to discover Tambo Teddies.

Buy Aussie Now is  a free platform for Australian made businesses. Showcasing Australian ingenuity, bringing  tried and tested products and services to the broader community. Their aim is to be the first marketplace where everything is Australian made and owned.

At Tambo Teddies, we are proud to be on-board and are looking forward to forming a great partnership with the Buy Aussie Now team.