We’re a bit Cross about the Crossing Signs

We’re a bit cross about the disappearance of Tambo’s Teddy Bear Crossing signs.

Friday morning (October 9, 2020) we suddenly realised they were gone! Both signs from both sides of the road have been unbolted and stolen sometime during Thursday night.

We are very disappointed that someone thought they needed more than the Tambo Community. The signs are a Tambo icon so many visitors pull up under these signs for a photo. #teddybearcrossing.
They belong to the Tambo Community, they help us promote our town and region.
The Teddy Bear Crossing signs are completely unique and can’t been seen anywhere else in Australia. Six years ago when we have Roadtek crews in town undertaking road repairs, they refreshed our signs. The crew wanted to leave something behind in the township and decided refreshing the signs was a great option. At Teddies, we were pretty chuffed with the fresh new signs, as many visitors have been as they capture their holiday snap with the sign in the background.
Following the Thursday night thievery, we posted a call out on Facebook  and contacted the media. There has been an overwhelming show of support, but the signs have not yet been returned. Our local Police have also been on the job, checking CCTV in the hope someone has seen something. If you know anything please contact Policelink.
Our followers were very saddened by this event and we have received many messages and comments on how people love the signs and think they should be returned.
We were even sent a little poem.
If you go into Tambo today
You’re in for a big surprise
Cos all the teddy bear signs there was
Are all now gone because
A thieving person did nick them!
(By De Baggis 9 October 2020) to Tambo Teddies
Do you know someone who suddenly has a Teddy Bear Crossing sign? If so – tell them to return them please!
stolen teddy crossing sign