Our Crossing Signs – Bigger and Better

There was great excitement in Tambo on Tuesday morning when Jason from Artcraft in Brisbane arrived with our new Tambo Teddy Crossing signs.

The signs were stolen on October 8th sometime during the night. Despite spreading the word about the theft far and wide on social and mainstream media, the signs have not been located.

Interviews with the ABC and on Channel Seven news failed to find the perpetrators. We reported the theft to the local Police and filed a report on Policelink. The Queensland Police posted a rather humorous take on the crime on their news channel, but they are still out hunting bears.

The wider Tambo Teddy Community were outraged by the theft and there was quite an outpouring on Facebook. Most people’s sense of humor came to the fore and the puns did flow!

‘I hope they catch the Ba-ear-danits!’ 

‘Oh no how will the bears cross the road? They will all end up as bikkie bears! 😌

‘How are the Teddies going to know where the safe road crossing is??? Imagine if you were a Teddy and someone took away the signs for your crossing! How would you feel?’

With all the loving messages flowing our way, we were heartened that there are more kind people than crooks in our world. We received lovely messages and offers. One lady offered a donation towards new signs:

‘Just saw the article on channel seven. We have stayed at Tambo and loved your little town. I also bought a bear and had my photo taken under this sign. I am happy to give a $20 donation towards helping get another sign for your town.’
So kind and thoughtful – we have been swamped with offers. No less than three businesses offered to make and donate new signs.
But Jason from Artcraft in Brisbane was the first on the phone and had new signs in production the next day. Jason regularly travels out west and recently purchased Forrest Hill Flynn as his travel buddy.
Imagine how proud Flynn was to be bringing new crossing signs to Tambo!

Spanking brand new and a little bit bigger than before! Jason and his team (a top bunch!) determined to make sure these signs stood out and made them in the largest size possible. Secured with theft proof bolts these signs are here to stay. We can’t thank them enough!

These iconic signs are one of the best spots to take your selfie in Tambo………so come, visit and check them out in person!

Tambo Teddies Crossing Sign