Christmas is for Giving – give a gift that lasts.

After the wrapping paper has been torn off and thrown away we are so often left wondering what we have left on Christmas Day.

So many toys, gifts and goodies don’t last for long after the big day. Often played with briefly and then thrown away, pushed into a back corner becoming part of the mountain of toys children have nowadays. It’s time to buck this ‘disposable’ trend and purchase a gift that will last a lifetime.

Tambo Teddies are made to last, they become a life long friend, part of the family. Proudly  Australian Made, every bear is a unique individual and depending on the sewer and the skin no two bears are ever the same. Our bears  are all handmade from Australian sheepskins.

The best  Christmas present for your grandchild, child, niece, nephew, parent, grandparent, friend, wife, husband.

Everyone needs a Tambo Teddy!

Our top five picks for Christmas 2020 include:

  1. Basil Bear. With his pointy nose and traditional look, Basil is always popular. The favourite colour is  honey, but he comes in a wide range that includes camel, latte, cream, pink, blue, lemon, bamboo and some brighter tones of orange, plum, purple, red and frog green.

2.  Tambo Teddies Bickie Bear. Soft and cuddly, Bickie Bears are the best comforter for little ones.

3. Tambo Lambo. New to our range in 2020, Tambo Lambo is a fun little guy who is incredibly cute. His curly creamy fleece is set off with a little fabric detail in his ears.

4. Tambo Teddy Koalas. Our koalas are cute Aussie animals with their signature fluffy ears. Great presents for your overseas family and friends.

5. Mr Stockman Basil Bear. Top of the range, Mr Stockman is a gift for that someone special. Decked out in his outback gear, Mr Stockman is a bear that commands attention.

Thinking about Christmas, makes you think about family and friends. Time to get planning and get your pressies in the mail. We have a great range of specials and stocking fillers also – check them out.

Give your loved ones the best pressie this Christmas, and the best pressie is a Tambo Teddy of course!

PS: Send your love with a Tambo Teddies Christmas Card.

Tambo Teddies Christmas CardTambo Teddies Christmas Card