Our Favourite Tambo Teddies

You can’t work in a Teddy Bear shop and not love Teddy Bears!

Recently we surveyed the Staff to find out their favourite Tambo Teddies.

Bonnie declared a small pink patchwork Toby with a pink spot ribbon was the standout bear for her. ‘I think Tobies have the cutest face, pink is my favourite colour, and I love all the different colour combinations you can get with patchwork Tobies.’

As for naming the bears, Bonnie likes to choose flower names for girl Teddies; Rose, Violet, Lily, and old family names for boys; Archie,  Davy,  William. Her favourite property names are Minnie Downs, Sunny Downs and Jabinda. Bonnie’s first Tambo Teddy is a small honey Basil Minnie Downs Melody, and her dog, Rosie, is almost the same colour !

Tambo Teddy Bear with Rosie the dogTambo teddies Toowoomba

Tammy’s favourite Tambo Teddy is also a Toby patchwork, however Tammy loves the neutral toned bear with a bronze ribbon. Tammy says, ‘ The natural colours are beautiful and the contrasting colours and textures make a unique teddy’. When naming bears she tries to personalise the teddy, tying the name in with the owner somehow.  Tammy loves our bears because our favourite Tambo Teddies stand out from other teddies and plush toys.  ‘They are a tough and can handle all the love that is thrown at them!’ 

Tammy at Tambo Teddies

The small ink Basil Tambo Teddies speak to Trish, ‘the skins we have are so soft and I just love the softness and the ink colour just looks amazing with a red ribbon’. Her favourite names for bears are Banjo & Clancy, but she does say ‘most times you just have to look at them and a name will come to you.’

Tambo Teddies Trish

Verna’s favourite is the small Basil bear as well, however she loves the honey colour with a rich red ribbon. Verna might be onto something, as small honey Basils are our most popular seller. She doesn’t have any favourite names, but does love her teddy to have nice soft skin.

Verna Tambo Teddies


Paula’s favourite Tambo Teddy is a small cream basil with pink ribbon.  But she does say her favourite changes with the bears and the feel of the wool.  Paula likes giving bears very Australian names especially when sending a Tambo Teddy overseas.  Working in a Teddy Bear shop gives you warm and fuzzy feeling as Paula testified ‘We had a little girl in the store last week who cuddled every bear, she made my day. That’s why I love this job!’

Verna Tambo Teddies

Liz considers it hard to choose her favourite, but when pushed she selected the small camel Basil, with the thin pink or blue ribbon with white spots for a baby gift, or a red ribbon for an adult gift.

Liz Tambo Teddies

Alison also loves the camel coloured skins, but chose the Large Basil with suede paws as her favourite. ‘I think the large Basils are just stunning, they really are the most special bears’.  When choosing a ribbon Alison tends to select green, as it is her favourite colour. She says ‘naming bears is always a challenge, and I just love to see what names everyone comes up with, I am just not that creative and just start at the top of the property list and work down!’

Alison at Tambo Teddies

Dilo also favours the Large Basil  but thinks the large cream is the best bear!

Dilo at Tambo Teddies

Kahlil says Tambo Lambo is his favourite, but he does break a few needles when making them as they are a softer fabric to sew. Even though Tambo Lambo is his favourite he has quite a collection of Tambo Teddies on display in his living room,  it so wonderful he is so proud of his work.

Tbrah’s favourite is a small camel Basil because as she says ‘I own a small camel Basil’.

What is your favourite Tambo Teddy Bear? Drop us an email to info@tamboteddies.com.au  or send us a message on Facebook and let us know what your favourite Tambo Teddy is and why.