Teddy Bear Collecting

Teddy bear collecting is a ‘thing’ that really took off as a hobby in the 1980’s. Before then Teddy bears were for kids and were a plaything rather than anything of value.

The concept of bear collecting was really begun by English actor Peter Bull, who wrote a book called “Bear with Me” way back in 1968. This book explored the stories people had to tell about their teddy bears.  “Bear with Me” became a popular title for books, a quick google search found five books of that title by differing authors. Bull continued championing the bear and soon became an international ambassador for the Teddy bear.

In the 1980’s there was a resurgence of interest in teddy bears and the term “Arctophile” (Greek for bear lover), was born.

We know all about Arctophiles at Tambo Teddies and have a few of our own keen, fan collectors – Tambo Teddy ‘Arctophiles’.

Many teddy bear collectors do it purely for the fun and enjoyment of it. Coming across an unwanted bear in a charity shop or at a garage sale can bring collectors joy. We have one such Tambo Teddy arctophile who loves coming across a ‘lost’ Tambo Teddies in Opp shops. Luckily with our numbering system we can look up a little bit about the bear’s history and send a new name tag. Another couple of keen Tambo arctophiles are aiming to have a bear named after every station in the Tambo district!

Often bear collecting comes out of a childhood love for teddy bear, with the first bears owned being the catalyst for ever growing collection of bears. Many of our customers reminisce about the bears they owned as children and either want a friend for their bear or a new and unique Tambo Teddy. Collections of  Teddy Bears hold many memories for their owners and  are priceless in terms of emotional value.

There are many different Teddy Bears that can be collected but we think Tambo Teddy Arctophiles are the BEST!