Dress your Tambo Ted…..

Tambo Teddy bears are created from gorgeous woollen sheepskin. They have a lovely soft ‘furry’ coat but sometimes they need a little bit of clothing to dress themselves up in.

Ted’s most popular outfit is the Mr Stockman ensemble which includes a shirt, pants, large bear-as-a-bone and a belt. Ted’s shirt is available in either a smart red and white or blue and white checked fabric.

Tambo Ted accessorises his stockman outfit with a stockman’s hat and a whip. Ted always carries his swag so he is ready to set up camp anywhere, anytime.

For the ‘girl’ bears we have our Mrs Stockman ensemble of a smart moleskin skirt with a belt teamed with a floral shirt and matching knickers. The blouse and knicker sets come in three coloured fabrics, a blue floral, green floral and a fresh pink and white check. Mrs Stockman also tops her outfit off with a teddy bear hat.

For the small bears, our 30cm Basils and Tobies, we have a small sized bear-as-a-bone. Modeled on an Aussie dry-as-a-bone, bear-as-a-bones will keep Ted warm and dry on a rainy winter’s day. These coats will also set your bear apart in the teddy bear fashion stakes!

But if your bear is not after the ‘rural’ look, you can always get her a teddy bear tutu. Our tutus are locally made in Brisbane by Heavenly Tutus and a beautiful froths of coloured netting. You can choose a pink, blue or purple depending on your bears complexion (colour) and the skirts look great with a matching ribbon.

For the month of July 2021, we have all our teddy bear clothing, shirts, pants, skirts, coats and tutus on sale with a generous 25% discount.

So don’t hesitate, order online (page 2) contact us now  or call in to dress your Tambo Teddy Bear.