The Iconic Toy – The Teddy Bear

The name Teddy bear originates from Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. When he went hunting with his friends, they hunted down a bear and encouraged Roosevelt to shoot it. Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear (what a guy!) and this became big news! He wasn’t only the president; he was a big name in the hunting industry. It became a cartoon in the newspaper in 1902 and a Brooklyn store owner got creative and made a stuffed bear to represent “Teddy’s bear” in 1903.

teddy's teddy bear

The Brooklyn store owner, Morris Michtom, asked permission to use Theodore Roosevelt’s name and created this first stuffed Teddy Bear in 1903.

Nowadays, the Teddy Bear is a token of unconditional love. A symbol of safety, security and having a friend you can rely on. This is one of the reasons that many adults still have their childhood Teddy Bear or buy a new one that resembles their childhood Teddy they loved so much. Not only does it resemblance the Teddy, but it also brings back the memories of having the Teddy as a child and all the adventures they have had together. Having a Teddy as a child it becomes even more valuable as an adult because of these memories and stories.

One of the best parts of working at Tambo Teddies is listening to these personal stories from our customers. When someone comes in to buy a bear, there is this magical future ahead for the bear. As you may know, all our bears have a unique number, have their own name, and get registered to the owner’s name in our bear registry. But this is only a little part of the unique story of that bear. It will become a part of a new family and will create amazing memories. Most of the time, a bear becomes the present for a newborn or a young child and will be with this person throughout their lives. A Teddy Bear is The Iconic Toy because it doesn’t have to speak, make sounds, or have any technological gadgets. It just needs to be cuddled and loved.