4 ways to use a Teddy Bear during the holidays

The school holidays are a period that children and most parents look forward to. In our Tambo Teddies shop, we are happy to welcome all the families that travel through and pay our store a visit. It’s THE shop for children because they are allowed to touch everything in the shop and cuddle all the cute Teddy Bears.

Even if the holidays are so much fun, challenges can occur! We at Tambo Teddies thought, we will help you out with some inspiration on how to use your child’s stuffed animal for the good. Tambo Teddie to the rescue!

  1. Travel Buddy

If you decide to go travelling, how good is it to have a travel buddy! Wherever you want to go to in Australia, it’s probably a bit of a drive. Adults enjoy the scenery, children probably get bored after a while. So a Teddy Bear can fight against boredom as kids love to have entire conversations with their buddy. They can play games or just simply cuddle with them on some of the longer drives.

  1. Taking home on the road

It’s great to take your children to unknown places, letting them explore some unique environments. Some kids are true Indiana Jones, others find it scary to leave home. Taking the Teddy Bear Buddy on the road will help children to conquer their feelings of being a bit home sick while travelling.

  1. Good night’s sleep for everyone

Being away from home or a disrupted daily rhythm can complicate everyone’s sleeping pattern, especially your child’s. Holidays are just so excited! Building in routines before bedtime can drastically increase your child’s sleep. Brushing your teeth simultaneously with your bear makes it more fun and listening together to a bedtime story makes you ready for sleep. Sleeping in an unfamiliar room can be a challenge for children. Having a bear with them is like bringing the comfort from your own bedroom with you.

  1. Making new friends with a friend

During holidays, you might want to undertake activities with your child that include other people. Some children can’t wait to get out there and play, others might be shy. To help them overcome their shyness, having their plush friend with them might help. It increases their self-esteem and they have something to play with or talk about.

Tambo Teddies Team wishes everyone great school holidays! It’s a beautiful opportunity to spend time together as a family and create precious memories.