The Versatility Of Sheepskins

At Tambo Teddies, we embrace making Teddy Bears for everyone that needs one in their life. We use hundred percent Australian sheepskins to create these teddies, and today it’s time to put a spotlight on this versatile product.

In our store we have 100 percent Australian and New Zealand (long hair) sheepskins. They all have their own endless possibilities, and we would love to share some ideas about how to use them and we would love to hear your experiences too!

Our New Zealand long hair sheepskins are very popular in the comfort department and for looking flash! Not only are they great in your car seat for comfort during long drives, but you can also take this comfort with you in your camping chair after you have parked up somewhere. Not that keen on traveling? These long sheepskins are beautiful as a decoration piece at home.

Trouble getting out of bed in the morning? We’ve got you covered! Both our Australian and New Zealand sheepskins will welcome you out of bed. When the first thing you touch with your feet is that soft, it will make it more appealing to get up. Okay, and maybe that first cup of coffee. You can also lay the sheepskin over the couch or on the ground in front of your fireplace. Because of their uniqueness, they will be the centrepiece for your home decor.

Not only adults love the feel of these sheepskins, but our younger generation is also digging them. Babies find our sheepies wonderful in their cot. Okay, the babies didn’t verbalise it to us, but seeing them embracing the warmth, comfort, and security with their sheepy just makes us happy. The size of the sheepy makes it easy to take it everywhere so your baby can have the comfort of home anywhere you go.

I hear you think; my beautiful, fluffy sheepskin near my beautiful but sometimes messy baby. How does that go together? Well, you might de delighted to hear- sheepskins are self-cleaning. Here’s a short list of natural characteristics that sheep have developed over 10,000 years to keep themselves clean.

  • Dirt repellent
  • Resistant to: Water, flame, static electricity
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resilient

You can be confident that a sheepskin in your home is natural and gives you a feeling of warmth and luxury.

Feel like checking out which sheepskins we have in store for you? Check our shop on the website or call our store. We will make sure we find the unique sheepskin that fits your needs!

Spotty Tambo Teddy Sheepskin