Nothing says I love you as much as Teddy Bear

I love you, Ŋarra djäl nhuna, Je t’aime, Te quiero, Ai shiteru

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And we at Tambo Teddies love celebrating this special day. Everything we do, we do from a place of love. Tammy and Alison run the business with love, the sewers work their magic with precision and attention, and the customer service ladies make the bears ready for their new family with passion. Not only do we take care of our products, our customers are as important.

Our customers buy our teddies for someone they love or for themselves because of a childhood memory full of love. You can show someone how much you love them every day of the week, but on Valentine’s Day you can make it extra special.

Normally, I only pay extra attention to my partner on Valentine’s Day, but there is so much more you can do:

A fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by celebrating it with the whole family. Pretend to have a fancy restaurant dinner at home. Everyone needs to dress up, and stuffed animals are welcome at the dinner table too. If dressed properly! And nothing screams out Valentine’s Day dessert more than melted chocolate and fruit. Okay, maybe the kids need an old onesie to cover up their fancy clothes, but it will be fun. You can finish the day with movie night and popcorn!

A very important thing about showing your love is being there and giving your loved ones your undivided attention. Everyone will enjoy this, but it’s especially important for children. Life can get very busy, and the day is over before you know it. What if we try to pause for a second and do crafts with our kids? You can make some Valentine’s Day decorations for the house, bake special love cookies, or make some lovely drawings for whoever is important to them!

Sometimes, the people close to us are far away. How about we show some extra love to our long-distance relationships this Valentine’s Day? Your family out of town or dear friends overseas? We’d love to make this easier for you with our two new little family members – Tom Thumb and our baby Bickie Bears.

Finally, show yourself some love and give yourself that undivided attention. Ask your partner or a babysitter to look after your children and plan a get-a-way just for you. Do whatever you feel like, and you will feel so refreshed after a day just for yourself.

But don’t forget to take your Tambo Ted with you!