Gifting Is a Gift

Every day at Tambo Teddies, we make people happy with their new stuffed family member. Sometimes it’s a gift to themselves, other times it’s a gift for someone special or someone who needs it. The ladies from customers service say;

 “The best part of our interactions with customers is their stories. Stories about why they are giving their loved ones a new childhood friend for life are just amazing. The excitement of the customer when they talk about how they are going to surprise their friends makes our heart excited for them!” “You see the pure joy of giving before they have left the store!”

But why is Gift Giving important?

  1. Gifting is an act of kindness
    Giving a gift to someone is an act of kindness, and we know how much of a positive impact that can have on our own happiness and the receiver’s happiness. The levels of your happy hormones rise and the relationship between you and your friend strengthens. By thinking about what the other person might enjoy receiving, we practise empathy. And hey, that’s something this world can use! When your friend expresses gratitude, our brain literally lights up our reward system and this has positive effects on our mental and physiological health.
  2. Mental health benefits
    There has been enough happening lately that can cause an increase in anyone’s anxiety. Not only amongst adults but also children are influenced by anxiety. A natural response from adults is to give our child something. Giving by providing comfort, attention, and sometimes little gifts to make them feel better. While there’s nothing wrong with that, research shows that helping your child to become the giver reduces the levels of anxiety. Shifting the focus on something positive and the attention to others, distracts the child from his or her anxiety. This, in combination with the activation of the Happy Hormones, makes this sound like a pretty good idea!
  3. It’s the thought that counts!
    More than half of the excitement when it comes to gift giving is the preparation. There’s a lot of thinking of and empathising with the person you are going to get a gift for that adds to the excitement. Think about what the other person would like and making the gift as personal and as special as you can makes the gift more meaningful. That’s why we at Tambo Teddies enjoy providing you with this experience by having many personalised options. You can pick the teddy’s name, colour, colour of the ribbon, outfits, and even personalised embroidery on the paws. Are we sending the Teddy to the recipient on your behalf? We are happy to handwrite a personal note to accompany the bear to his new family.

As Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” This quote makes even more sense, now we know how much we gain ourselves by giving to others!