A Teddy Bear’s Story

Once upon a time, (that’s how a good story begins) I was just another Teddy Bear in the shop. First time I opened my eyes, I saw this lady smile at me. She had a beautiful red ribbon in her dark hair and was sitting behind a sewing machine. She handed me over to another lady, “she just needs some trimming and probably a red ribbon will look good on her” the lady behind the sewing machine said. And I thought, ‘Yes, I’m getting the same red ribbon!’

After a good trim, which tickled a bit, and proudly receiving my favourite-coloured ribbon and I even got a name, Minnie Downs Mary. I was lovingly placed on this thing they called a shelf and got a great view of the whole shop.

I looked around and I could see all these other Bears, Koalas, Lambs in every colour and even some cool spotty sheep. Every single one looked as beautiful as I do. Some of them had blue, green, pink, or purple ribbons.

There were people coming into the shop and carefully grabbing us from the shelf. I saw a little girl, who couldn’t reach me, looking up longingly at me. It was love at first sight, for both of us I believe. Her taller person grabbed me off the shelf and gave me to the girl. The hug was the warmest hug I ever received. This is where our story began.

We had the most amazing adventures! I had a lot of tea and biscuits with her, we went for walks and played on the swings. She took me on amazing trips throughout the country, sometimes she got a bit homesick but after she gave me a big squeeze, she seemed to feel better.

The most endearing moments for me have been the times we were a bit scared but would still do scary things together. Every year, I would join her on her first day at school and she would hold me as tight as she could. It became my favourite tradition because it made me feel very important, I had a purpose!

After the little girl became taller as well, like the person with her in the shop, I stayed at home a bit more often. Chilling on the bed but looking forward to her cuddles and stories every night. A few years later she would put me on top of the closet at night. That was a bit weird, but only on nights when she had a friend staying. Luckily, when he was not there, I could come down again. A few months later she had a little person my size with her. It was awesome. I’m not sure if he was becoming my cuddle buddy, or I was becoming his. But I was in love with this family, and I have so many childhood memories to share. I had a lovely warm feeling that I was about to start a new chapter in my story, I was going to experience the same but different great adventure with this little fella!