Act happy, makes happy!

The third week in March is when we celebrate Act Happy Week. The focus of this Week is to make people aware of the actions they can take to create those happiness hormones in their body that drives positive emotions. Did you realise that consciously acting happy can actually make us happy? Let’s see what you can do to act and feel happy!

  1. Smile!

A smile on your face will affect your whole body! Did you know that even when you smile while you’re on the phone, the person on the other end gets infected by your smile?

By smiling, your brain releases endorphins and this chemical contributes to a positive mood. Need some help to get that smile on your face? Grab one of our Teddies and we promise you, a smile will appear on your face before you know it!

  1. Practice gratitude

When you think about what you are grateful for, you become happier and content. Especially when you express your gratefulness to others, you spread the happiness. Interesting fact is that the area in your brain that process gratitude works like a muscle. The more you practice gratitude, the more grateful you become, and you guessed it, the happier you go through life. A good exercise is to write down what you are grateful for or express your gratefulness to your loved ones.

  1. Perform act of kindness

Performing a small act of kindness has an amazing effect on the people around you, and yourself. Being kind has become underrated in our society lately and we must bring it back into fashion! Give someone a compliment, help someone out with a chore or surprise them with a personalized Tambo Teddy!

  1. Act like an optimist

We tend to worry a lot because life can sometimes be hard and full of challenges. But acting like an optimist will help you see more opportunities than challenges, and make you believe more in yourself. Instead of looking at situations and think what can go wrong, try to look at these same situations and expect them to go right! Be positive!

  1. Hang out with positive people

Finally, think about your plumber and electrician. Not literally, they might feel awkward when you stare at them, but think about people that drain you or light you up. Moods can be very contagious and if you struggle a bit with your own mood, surround yourself by people that lift you up!

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