Tambo Teddies For a Winter Day

Rain in Tambo always brings smiles to our faces, the temperatures drop and everything becomes a glorious shade of green and winter is just around the corner. Cars driving down the main street are covered in mud, the only clean part is where the windshield wipers got rid of the dirt. Working in our Tambo Teddy store is often the best place to be.

With winter already peaking around the corner, impatiently waiting to encourage us to get into the hot chocolate, it’s time for a little reflection about all the warm and cosy products we have.  As the days shorten the evenings present themselves early. This means you can start movie night earlier and actually finish a movie. There’s nothing better than kicking back in front of a good movie with a cup of tea, nice warm slippers, a hottie and definitely some kind of chocolate!

Besides Teddies, we have several amazing sheepskin products to keep you warm and cosy.

  • Our sheepskin slippers are available in three colours and sizes and the comfy wool will warm your feet from the inside of the slipper. Because of the soft soles, we advise you to only wear these indoors. When wearing these slippers, you’ve got a good excuse not to go outside and you can ask your partner to take the garbage out!
  • A hot water bottle cover is such a welcoming friend during movie night (or any other moment you want to feel warm and comfortable!) Our sheepskin hot water bottle covers are not only very comfortable and soft, but they are also just the cutest thing! We only make them with the softest sheepskin we can get our hands on, and they are soothing for every occasion, plus they stay warm for ages.
  • Our Sheepie blankets and long haired spotty sheepskins are a true eye catcher in the room but even more so a treat to your body. Using them either in your seat, couch or on the ground for your feet, these sheepskins will instantly give you a warm, enjoyable, and homely feeling.
  • Do you feel you’re missing a cuddle buddy? Have a look at our softest and cuddliest teddy bear in the shop – our Softies! They are stuffed a bit lighter  and made from the softest Australian sheepskins and the best ones to snuggle with.

In winter it’s extra important to look after yourself. Make yourself a nice cuppa in the morning with our Koala Herbal breakfast day or start winding down with the Koala dreamtime Tea.

We love it when Tambo Teddies can help you prepare for winter. We are always excited to be part of creating that warm, comfy and homely feeling in your home!