What’s in the Wool?

Tambo Teddies started 29 years ago when the wool prices collapsed, and the wool industry needed some new innovative ideas to keep going. But did you know that Australia is the leading country in the wool industry!

This shows, once again, why we are so happy and proud that we support one of Australia’s signature markets.

When people come into our store, one of the first comments they often make is “what an amazing smell, you can really smell the wool”. Our customer service team gets excited because they definitely see this as an invite to talk more about the wool and our woollen products! Because, when you walk around in our store or browse our website, you will see that not all our products look the same.

We use a variety of sheepskins. Different skins are ideal for different product. It’s been a journey for the owners of Tambo Teddies to find the best wool to make the Teddies. A wool that is really nice and soft because we love making the best and cuddliest childhood friend for life, but also strong enough to have a high durability and can last a lifetime. Because how much our Teddies loved to get cuddled and snuggled, the sheepskin needs to keep it together, literally!

For our most original teddies we use a sheepskin where the balance between strengths, durability and softness is high valued. These skins are perfect to make a Teddy that will stay with you for a lifetime. These are the bears who might start off as a centre piece in a newborn’s bedroom as decoration but will become the child’s best buddy later in life. Have a look at our range of Basil and Toby Teddies and find your next childhood friend for life!

While we are very happy with our strong foundation with our Basil and Toby Bears, we still felt the need to explore more opportunities in the world of sheepskins. There’s not only a market for the original Teddies, but sometimes people also have a different purpose in mind. That’s when Tambo Teddies started exploring with making smaller, softer, snuggle-uppers! The owners of Tambo Teddies done their research and came across the Dorper Crossbred sheep. These sheep have a softer skin and therefore more workable for our sewers to make smaller bears. These skins are amazing to create our Tom Thumbs, Spotty Lambs and Baby Bickies.

And some sheepskins are just perfect as they are, our Long Hair sheepskins. And to be honest, if we would make Teddies out of these Long Hair skins, they would turn looking like a Snow-Yeti or Bigfoot.

Our long hair sheepskins are ideal to welcome luxury and comfort in your home and for your personal wellbeing. It is not only beautiful to look at but even more important, very comforting for your body and feet when used in a chair or next to your bed. These long hair sheepskins come from New Zealand and are a very welcomed product from our neighbours.

Are you looking for a next gift for yourself or a loved one? Please contact us and we are happy to help and tell you more about our Teddies!