Room for Play at Tambo Teddies

Our Tambo Teddy shop is THE shop for children to come and visit!

Not only are they allowed to cuddle all our cute bears on the shelves, we also have enough fun stuff for them to play with!

Mum and Dad can take their time to find a special Tambo Teddy, whilst the children can have a play with Peter Possum or our newest collection of Hand puppet Bickies and Koalas. And if that’s not exciting enough, we made them from bright, fun colours! Which one do you like best?

We also have four special Tambo Teddies adventure books. These books are written by the local owners, Tammy and Alison, and tell some interesting tales! Is your child into camping? or curious about the outback and mustering, bucking horses or shearing ? Then they’ll be happy to dive in one of our Teddies adventure stories.

And did you know that we have a puzzle? Uniquely made just for Tambo Teddies, that visualises the story from the Tambo Teddies Camping adventure book! This means when you read the book with your child and make the puzzle as you go. It’s great for children when we make reading interactive for them.

It’s so lovely to have  children in our shop and see them enjoy our Teddies, go on a little scavenger hunt to find all the different animals in the store, play with the puppets and down to make our puzzles. But we do understand not everyone can come and visit our shop regularly.

Therefore, we came up with an online playroom, for offline fun! Check out our PLAYROOM for heaps of fun and creative things to do for and with your children.

There are five different activities in the playroom and more to come!  You can design your own Tambo Teddies Toby Bear, play a Tambo Teddies memory game and you will find the most delicious Bickie recipes – the ones you can eat, not our Bickie Bears! Planning on organising your own Picnic with your Teddy friends? Check out the Teddy picnic room for some inspiration for yummy snacks and fun games! And finally, every playroom needs some colour! Please download our special Tambo Teddies colouring pictures and dot-to-dots!

Fun and play are highly valued at Tambo Teddies and we love to share this with everyone in our Tambo Teddies family.