A teddy is a Teddy – right?

At Tambo Teddies, when we are creating and designing new woolly animals or other Tambo Teddy products, we generally have a purpose in mind for them, but sometimes the buyer has another idea.

Our Bickie Bears, for example, are well known as little snuggly companions. Our Basil and Toby Bears are your childhood friend for life, because they are designed to stay in shape for a whole lifetime! If you would like an in-between option, we’ve got the right one for you, appropriately named, our Softies!

A lot of brainstorming occurs during our product development, and that’s why we are pleasantly surprised when we hear for what our customers use our products. We enjoy getting feedback and hearing  stories, and we enjoy sharing them. One rather beautiful report we received was about our Bickie Bears.

“First the Bickie Bear was our go-to presents for newborns. They are great to snuggle up to in the cot. Then we discovered that the baby’s older brother (who struggles with feeling homesick) likes his Bickie because it is easy for him to take it with him wherever he goes.

However, we noticed that great grandma wouldn’t let go of the kid’s Bickie.  She has Alzheimers and can be very agitated or confused. She calmed right down when she had the Bickie Bear and could feel the wool and snuggle with it. For us, the Bickie changed from only being the gift for new-borns, also being a gift for other generations in the family!”

One comment that makes us giggle from visitors in the shop when they see our Echidnas is:

“Oh look, they have got the cutest doorstoppers!”

Yes, we admit, it has crossed our mind to make them into proper doorstoppers but we haven’t done that………..yet!

But, what we have done is make our classic Echidna into a more, let’s say…spunky, punky Echidna! Our long-wool fluffy Echidnas are very popular with children and teenagers. But we have to say, everyone who lays their eyes on them falls in love with them. We must admit, this Echidna has better hair days than any of us!

If you have visited our store, you most likely have seen our long spotty sheepskins. They are a centrepiece in any room you lay them down. In Tambo, most of our visitors are travellers and are sometimes on the road for over six months. You might not have all the comforts from home, but with a spotty sheepskin you can have the most stylish caravan in the park. Traveling through Australia often means, driving many hours. Our long spotty Sheepskins are popular with travellers especially on their car seats, giving you that extra comfort and support while you’re enjoying your Australian journey. And at the end of the day, when you move to your camping chair, our spotty sheepskin will give you some extra warmth in winter around the campfire under the stars!