Santa Claus is in the Building

Santa Claus is in the Building

On Saturday, December 4, we had a very special visitor for an afternoon at the Tambo Teddies shop.

Santa Claus popped across to Tambo to spend the afternoon greeting children and their families. Santa spent his time finding out what toys he will need to pack for his major journey on Christmas Eve. The requests ranged from robots to dogs to toy trucks and dolls, everyone had a wish list.

The scene had been set for a real ‘Aussie’ bush Christmas, complete with gum leaves and tree trunks. We were able to supply the possum to hang in the tree. Santa sat back in his old rocking chair and patiently waited as one by one families came through the door.

Tambo’s local photographer, Richard Birchley, aka Bushshutterman photography was on hand to capture the moment. We partnered with Richard to take Santa photos in 2021 as well, but this year Santa snaps proved more popular than ever, and thirty families lined up.

A family group travelling from Longreach to Brisbane called in to purchase a couple of magnets, were offered a slot. Next thing they were combing their hair and lining up to sit beside the big man himself.

A few of the little people were a bit in awe of Santa, and a few tears were spilt. But next year, they’ll be twelve months older and more prepared for the excitement. Young or old, happy or a bit hesitant (some screamed!), the photos turned out fabulously – top job by all involved.

One thing is for sure, our Teddies are all excited for Christmas and hoping to get a ride in Santa’s sack to be the best present ever on the big day!

Tambo Teddies Santa photos
Tambo Santa
Tambo Santa photos